iPhone SE and Order Pro

28th March, 2016

iPhonesThe iPhone SE is the latest release from Apple which sees the iPhone 5S body with the latest Apple technology. This new iPhone SE running the latest IOS has perform extremely well with our new ordering software Order Pro. The screen size perfectly paginates to the size of the iPhone. The software performs perfectly on IOS 7 and higher and also on all versions of Android. This easy to use software is FREE to download and use. Select from a range of suppliers, order for one or more sites, allow your staff to place secure orders, whilst you monitor all orders being placed. This software is easy to use simple to setup and will quickly become your everyday ordering tool.

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Happy Easter

25th March, 2016

Order Pro would like to wish everyone a safe and happy easter break. Easter and all other religious holidays should be spent with family and friends, not worrying about your business and if your staff have ordered products for the next day. Order Pro can send you confirmations of what your staff have ordered and even send you a reminder if your staff have forgotten to order for the next days delivery. Order Pro does all the worrying for you, by letting you set your reminder times per supplier, so even if you or your staff forget to order, we wont and we will send you a reminder before cut off, so will never miss an order again. Let us take  your ordering stress away and leave you to enjoy the holidays. Happy Easter.

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Welcome Epicurean Kitchen

24th March, 2016

EK Logo 1 Goodsome Foods Logo - 20% Sandwich House BrownWe at Epicurean Kitchen would like to express our gratitude to the wonderful people at Order Pro. We began our testing a few weeks ago and have found the ordering app to be exactly what we need. It is already helping our business become more by streamlining our order processing. Our customers enjoy the notifications and accuracy in their order. With the clever back end dashboard that allows us run reports, setup specials and integrate with our accounting package makes this system the way of the future.

Epicurean Kitchen

George Efremidis


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Order Pro unaffected by Telstra Outages

22nd March, 2016

Order Pro Logo Dark BackgroundIt seems that these days we rely on our smart phones for more that just a simple phone call. These days we use our devices more for social media than an actual phone. Which means what else are we using our phone for?

Well the people at Order Pro have developed a simple FREE yet sophisticated app that allows multiple users, for multiple trading sites to place multiple wholesale orders from a number of suppliers. Whilst allowing the business owner to monitor all purchases. These orders are securely stored on Australian servers and can be downloaded viewed and integrated into your accounting package. Your data is safe here no matter which telco has outages.

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