Spammers – I hate them

13th April, 2016

Do you ever sit there and think, Hmm. Should I open this?

I sick of people trying to disrupt our lives when all we want to do is keep our businesses running. We all have a job to do and wasting a whole day sometimes trying to fix a problem created by malware, spammers or viruses only to find that you are back where you start this morning but its now the end of your working day.

All we want is to be able to work, be efficient in what we do and have enough time at the end of the day for family and friends. Well this is not the case when you have to make sure that your anti virus software, your malware detection software and email protection software is not only up to date but your weekly scans are also done.

Don’t get me wrong as I am not trying to sell anything, I am just stating a fact, that even if you have all the latest protection, there is still some interaction required by you to make sure everything is going ok. Now if you let your kids use your computers or your staff, then you need to be even more diligent on your virus and malware protection.

Why cant someone invent a program that finds the source of the malware or virus and then goes and melts their computer, that would be good.

Anyway just remember if it’s not a PDF don’t open it.

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Is your phone your best friend?

5th April, 2016

days people look and interact with their phones more than any other device or living thing, its crazy!

But with smart devices these days you can literally do anything you want, from social networking, banking, ordering food or coffee, playing games and most importantly communicating to your friends, Real or Fake.

It seems that all technology is moving to the only device that is with you from the time you wake, until the time you go to sleep, so why is it that people who own businesses still place their orders via the most archaic methods known, like faxed orders, orders left on voicemail, orders placed by other staff, orders written on the back of scrap pieces of paper and maybe even carrier pigeons.

These forms of ordering comes with their own problems outside of the control of the customer and even the wholesaler that is waiting for your order. Things like mobile phone flat spots where the customer is placing an order while going through a mobile phone dead spot, or placing an order on a voicemail system that crashes and the supplier loses a bunch of orders, or sending a fax and the fax arrives completely black, these are just some of the order nightmares that our customers have given us.

The other problem that comes with this old fashion way of ordering is that only one person knows their order and in most cases they don’t even know if the order was received or processed, so how do you fix that?

Order Pro was designed with the customer in mind, we provide easy screens that show the products you want to order, we send the orders electronically to your supplier who acknowledges the order and sends you a notification that the order has been processed, we even send you a reminder message, letting you know that your supplier is delivering to you tomorrow and they haven’t received an order yet.  What makes Order Pro so powerful is that you can setup the staff you want to allow to order and you all will receive messages to place and order and notifications when the order has been placed, this will stop double ordering and no orders placed because you thought someone else would order. You can even setup favourite orders to make this even easier, specials are updated daily and best of all your order history stays with you.

Order Pro its FREE and it helps you make your ordering life easier, all from the device you already use more than any other.


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