NEW Version 2.1 Now available

17th June, 2016

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Welcome to Version 2.1,
The team at Order Pro have been working very hard to continue to improve our ordering system. This update includes new features and bug fixes from the Order Pro system.
New Features include:
1. Create a new user friendly Order History screen via a calendar view. Users will be able to see each orders month by month.
2. Created a Read All messages button in the messages screen.
3. Delete notifications and messages by swiping left to
4. Message Screen with pagination.
5. Display signature in directors details when you create new directors.
6. Display list of users by Supplier Selection.
7. Add photos to Customer Feedback screen – now a user can add a photo to their feedback, this feature is great for add images to customer complaints and enquire.
8. Added a 10 minute grace period to orders started prior to cut off time. This means that users can have 10 additional minutes after their cut off time. This only works if order was started prior to their cut off time.
Issues Fixed include:
1. Fixed blurring issue in Product images and gallery.
2. Fixed GST calculation in when amount was close to the delivery fee amount. This is complete in Cart Screen, Edit Cart, Order History, View Order, Favourite Order.
3. Display active/Inactive trading site in user detail screen. (Changes in following screen Place Order, Trading Site, User Details Screen)
4. Fixed delivery date in Order Conformation and Order History Detail Screen.
5. UI fixed in Delivery Date screen, wheel slider is now more fluid after you select trading site.
6. Fixed User Types (Administrator, Manager, etc) (e.g. when you edit directors details for a particular user, change user types in same user details, like users to administrator).

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