Why your business needs Order Pro

22nd July, 2016


An app that makes your business run smoother? An app that makes your customers more reliant and inclined to order from you? An app that simplifies the ordering process for your business?

These are the driving forces that enabled Order Pro to transform from a thought to reality. Step by step, simple interfaces and smooth operation are what sets our innovated technology apart. Easy to sign up, easy to access and easy to manage your accounts. Ordering is simple, just click through each category/aspect of the system and your order is placed.

New exciting updates and improvements to the system are also on the way… At Order Pro, we strive to simplify and essentially paraphrase large facets of any business, working continuously to fix few errors and refine the software based on customer feedback and self assessment.

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Technology & it’s influence

12th July, 2016


Image via: anthillonline.com

It’s almost impossible to walk down the street or go to the shops without seeing someone’s face glued to their smartphone. Technology is the reality of 2016 and thus embracing the change, apps and systems are created to be compatible with most technology and assist our lives in various ways.

Alarm clocks that violently vibrate until you complete a quiz for it to turn off, pokemon hunting through your neighbourhood and even just chatting with your relatives on the other side of the world. Wherever we are, whatever we do, our lives are constantly impacted with technology and new ideas and concepts.

Order Pro is a homegrown idea from a humble business man to assist in the running of his business. It has grown to a worldwide concept that any business owner, management or corporation can use to simplify their ordering system. A multitude of business benefits and ease can be brought into ordering ingredients, parts and products. 

Therefore, just another example of technology simplifying and assisting in daily life.

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