The best apps this month…

10th August, 2016

We live in an age of technology and new apps and concepts are being developed and delivered every day.

Our team has found some of the most top grossing and useful apps on the market today.

1. Flipboardunnamed

News delivered differently, find the topics and categories that you enjoy most and read cover stories, and articles in a flipping presentation.


Available on the App Store and Google Play Store


2. Netflixicon175x175

An app that allows you to stream your favourite TV shows from anywhere in the world. Starting from only $11 a month, Netflix gives you access to a wealth of TV shows, movies and documentaries.

AvailableĀ on Android and Apple Store


3. Lifesumunnamed (1)

A lifestyle health app developed to calculate your meals and fitness to put you on the track to a healthy body and mind. Convenient food scanner and a plan tailored to your lifestyle and preferences makes Lifesum an app you need on your phone today.

Available on the App Store & Play Store


4. Paper by Fifty Threepaper-3-icon

A modern app for jotting, scribbling and organising. The smooth presentation of this app enables you to create books to draw, create or coordinate your life. Insertion of pictures and creation of lists, with a range of brush strokes and colours can inventively organise your life.

Available on the App Store & Play Store


5. 10104_the_1010unnamed (2)

An addictive puzzle game with elements of the classic, Tetris. The sleek, streamlined interface coupled with vibrant colours makes this game a number one for entertainment on our list.

Available on the App & Play Store


Have any other great app suggestions? Leave a comment below and try out these apps today!






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