Version 3.0!

16th October, 2016

Version 3.0 is finally here! This update contains a myriad of enhancements and improvements to the app and various bug fixes to ensure that Order Pro is smooth and efficient for all it’s users.

The improvements & fixes to the app include:

  • Improved performance
  • Fixed issue with delivery date selection screen
  • Improved the UI for Order History screen
  • Fixed issue with re-order, system will now convert old order to a new order
  • Fixed issue with Edit Cart screen – user can now add more than 9 units
  • Fixed issue with instructions – now you can only select one instruction at a time
  • Improved notification control
  • Added a Trash Bin in the Edit Cart screens, making editing much simpler
  • Added a Trash Bin in the messages screen and the notification screen for easier deleting
  • Removed the empty cart warning during Edit Cart mode

Other special features added that will make it much easier for customers to visualise what specials are available for certain products.

The team at Order Pro have been working very hard to bring this to our users and upgraded fixes have already been released in version 3.0.1.

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Order Pro unaffected by Telstra Outages

22nd March, 2016

Order Pro Logo Dark BackgroundIt seems that these days we rely on our smart phones for more that just a simple phone call. These days we use our devices more for social media than an actual phone. Which means what else are we using our phone for?

Well the people at Order Pro have developed a simple FREE yet sophisticated app that allows multiple users, for multiple trading sites to place multiple wholesale orders from a number of suppliers. Whilst allowing the business owner to monitor all purchases. These orders are securely stored on Australian servers and can be downloaded viewed and integrated into your accounting package. Your data is safe here no matter which telco has outages.

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